three squaresWho needs Wireless?

There are few "carved in stone" rules when it comes to High Speed Internet. A careful examination of your business practices and data needs is necessary to determine if Wireless would benefit your organization. Some qualifying characteristics of a company that would benefit are as follows:

  • Existing computer network
  • Sending and receiving graphic, audio, video or CAD files across the 'Net
  • On-line ordering or purchasing
  • Heavy E-mail usage or demand
  • Usage of software that requires periodic updating
  • Database reconciliation with remote offices or buildings
  • A need for secure, reliable 128 bit Internet encryption

This in no way ends the list. The most important and basic question to determine if your business needs Wireless is this. Would your company do more with the 'Net if it could? If the answer is yes, then Wireless may very well be the answer for you.