High Speed Internet

Locl.net's High Speed Internet program is perfect for any residential or business customers that wants 24x7 connectivity to the Internet.

We can provide DSL service to over 25 states, but we are focusing on Northern Indiana to provide quality service. To see if you qualify for DSL, please call 1.877.456.2563

three squares High Speed Internet:

We have 3 types of HSI... We can determine the best one for you based on where your located.

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    three squares Cloud Services:

    We can provide web design, domain hosting and email services for your website.

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    three squares Business Services:

    Locl.net is a full service Internet company with a pro-active approach to doing business. We consult with you on your needs and make recommendations to improve your business. We explain the pro's and con's of our recommendations.

    We look forward to helping you with all your Business needs.

    three squares Dial Up Service:

    We still offer dial-up internet for access for mobile users and those few who do not have broadband service available. Our dial-up service is nationwide.

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