Locl.Net is pleased to announce our referral program. Our program allows our customers to earn a $20 credit for every new memeber that you refer. It's simple. Refer a customer to us (they have to remain in good standing with us for 60 days), We'll credit your account for $20. Plus, there's no limit on how many people you're allowed to refer.
Easy isn't it?
Make sure that any customers you refer give your e-mail address as the source so we can credit your account. We will not credit accounts unless the customer has verified referral at sign-up.
To notify us by phone, the number is: 1-877-4-Locl.Net (877-456-2563)
To notify us by E-mail the address is:
When contacting us, please include your E-mail, username and phone number. If you have any questions, please contact Locl.Net.
To re-cap:
Here's how it works: when the person you are referring signs up, they need to give our staff your e-mail address and mention that it is a referral. After the person you referred has paid for their 2nd month of service, we'll credit your account for $20. A specific household can only be referred once.