three squares Wireless FAQ
What are the effects of rain, snow and other weather on my Internet connection?
Most weather will not affect your Wireless connection, snow and/or ice built up on your antenna may impair performance though.
What are the effects of high wind on antenna alignment?
High winds may move your antenna out of alignment with our tower, which can affect performance.
How do I know if I am able to get wireless service from
Our staff will verify availablity several ways before sending out our installer. There is no cost to you if we cannot provide service.
Can I do the install myself?
Yes. If you choose not to use our professional installer, then you may install the equipment yourself.

You will be responsible for any damage to the equipment.
Once the equipment is installed is it mine?
No. The equipment remains the property of at all times.
Why do I have to restart my radio or router so often?
The fact is electronic components can sometimes get into an odd state and power-cycling the equipment forces the equipment to reset and restart from a known good state.

Complicated software (and what software isn't these days?) touches lots of things on your computer as it runs. The longer it runs, the more it touches. Memory is used, released, and fragmented. Same for the disk as programs open, read, and write local and temporary files. And then there's the hardware ... video cards, network hardware, other peripherals - they're all being accessed continuously. The result is that any of those (perhaps even all of them) can end up in states that can cause problems.

Naturally, it "shouldn't" be that way, and the inherent quality of the software and/or hardware plays a role, but the bottom line is that it happens. Hence, a power-cycle restores all the hardware to a known state.