three Dial-Up Internet Service:

Why should you use

We're fast, reliable and affordable. We're LOCAL!

We support local companies whenever possible. Our customer support is based in our office, not Kansas. YOUR USER INFORMATION IS KEPT PRIVATE AND SECURE! (Discount and "Free" Internet Service Providers sell your information to the highest bidder.) When we're having problems delivering service, we'll tell you. That way you won't get mad at your computer, or yourself, trying to fix a problem that isn't your fault. We know the area, the telephone companies and the people who live and work here.

We better! We live here, too...

three squaresOffering Turbo Dial-Up/V.92
  • No More Missed Phone Calls While Surfing!
  • See Who's Calling While You Are Online!
  • Faster Webpage Loading!!
  • Faster Uploads!

These are just some of the major features of's Turbo Dial-Up/V.92. Check out the links on the left for the full story on this new service offering from and how it can enhance your time on the 'Net.