three squares DSL FAQ's
Does offer multiple DSL speeds?
Yes. offers several packages with download speeds ranging from 1.0Mbps to 7.1Mbps. Your actual connection speed may vary slightly.
Does DSL require installing an additional phone line?
I don't have a landline. Can I still get DSL?
Yes. A dedicated DSL line will be installed at your service location.
Can I use my existing telephone while using DSL?
Yes. DSL allows you to access the Internet and use your telephone at the same time.
Can I connect more than one computer with my DSL service?
Yes! You may connect multiple computers to your DSL service.
Do I need any special equipment for DSL?
Besides your computer and a network card (which comes standard on most computers), a DSL modem from is all you need.
Can I use my own DSL modem?
How easy is's DSL to set-up?
Our Home Installation kit allows you to set up your DSL service in a few easy steps. If you need help, our technical support team is just a phone call away!
Will I be charged for the time my DSL service is used?
No. DSL Internet access is unlimited.
Will my telephone work if my DSL modem is unplugged?
Yes, however if you use a VOIP carrier for your phone service, such as Vonage, you must leave your DSL modem on for your VOIP telephone to work.
How does DSL work? DSL is based on Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL), a super-fast modem technology that can provide data transmission at significantly higher speeds than a 56K modem. DSL uses existing telephone wires already available in most homes and offices.