Last year we provided our wireless customers at Jimmerson Bay and Wall Lake faster Internet service and now we are working on bringing faster Internet service to many of our other wireless customers as well.

We continue to invest in our network to improve the services provided to our customers. Check our website or connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for updates.

We plan on doing this by bringing our own high-speed solutions into our new offices at 1220 South Wayne Street and running them to our wireless access points. This will allow us to provide the faster Internet service that our customers have requested and also provide more consistency.

We are working with the city of Orland to provide highspeed service to their town offices and to our customers.

Enjoy Popular Features
No voice phone service? No problem! DSL does not require voice phone service and still provides you high-speed Internet minus the additional cost of phone service.

Talk and surf at the same time, browse your favorite web sites, and listen to your favorite tunes without paying extra for unwanted phone service. now has more coverage than we have ever had before. DSL service available in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and many other states.

Contact Locl.Net today 260-665-5638 (Main Office) or 1-877-456-2563 for all your internet needs.